Will be available in book form and in e-book format

To round out the collection, the book GLOBAL SOLUTION is dedicated to all those whom I could not reach with the information divulged so far. It will also be a great source of additional information for all those who targeted by the content of my e-book REVELATION. This way, nobody is left out.

I wanted to call this book Global Solution since it discusses not only avoidable physical illnesses, but also issues we just can’t avoid: congenital disabilities, tragedies, accidents and sheer bad luck. It also covers deeply rooted issues: any situation, sickness, handicap or other types of prisons in your life, discouragement, possessive behaviours or negative dependencies of all kinds with adverse repercussions on your loved ones.

Many everyday questions will be covered with great care and I will share how I overcame difficulties in order to write this book.

Nothing will be imposed upon you, simply exposed in order to leave you with a choice to take it or leave it. It is the primary source of everything that has taken me on the journey to where I find myself today.

With the utmost respect for each other, you can share your own existential questions of any kind by private message on my website and I will do my best to answer them in this book, using the same care and consciousness as I used to write this book.  In order to give the book a unique twist, a part of it will become interactive.

Another section will address how to heal issues of the heart since I truly believe that everything stems from the heart. Therefore, every issue can be healed if we know how to get to the root of the problem, however long, wide or deep the primary source of that issue is.

Someone who is left without arms and legs can live with more peace than many of us (i.e. Nick Vujicic, Jessica Cox, etc).   It comes down to knowing what door to knock on, avoiding knocking on too many wrong doors before we find the right place for solutions.

We will discuss how to reach your objectives and for what you see as the best scenario and beyond for your own life.

This book will be powerfully riches, the ones that last and that can make a real difference in your life.

If you are still interested in what is presented, you will be amazed by the content of this book as the last part of the BeCured collection. It will be like the icing on the cake, the sum total of all my work on the BeCured collection to this day. Your healthy eating habit will be complete, both physically and mentally.

You will no longer have anything to fear since a new peace, one that surpasses all logic, will fill your heart and help you through every trial just as I experienced.

My goal with this book is not to prove indiscriminately that you will no longer face hardships or diseases, but that whatever you experience, it will be possible to improve your situation, to see it transform into something better and above all, to face these obstacles with peace and serenity as difficult as they may be.

Believe me; beyond question the content of this book makes a difference. If you take its contents seriously, you will realize how no matter what your circumstances, you have the power to change your life for the better and to what you always dreamed it to be.

What’s important is to keep courage, believe and let yourself be transformed from glory to glory into your real nature and ultimate destiny, always reminding yourself where you come from, what your true value is as well as the deep source of this value.

Whatever the circumstances, obstacles or anything that may make you want to believe the opposite is true, it is possible to stand on solid and unshakable foundation and know that you can achieve anything. In fact, you might not know it yet, but the truth is that YOU ARE that person of influence with a great future, you really are and the ultimate goal of this book will be to make you realize that fact.


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