Will be available on CD and in mp3 format

SUBSTANCE… this masterpiece of musical enjoyment will be perfect to accompany you while you read the books GLOBAL SOLUTION and MY BATTLE: TWO LIVES.

Thanks to its vast array of melodies, SUBSTANCE will entrance you wherever you are.

SUBSTANCE will bind you heart and soul while you read MY BATTLE: TWO LIVES which will leave no one indifferent due to its content which will awaken your deepest and truest sensitivity.

While you read this literary intrigue to come, you will be supported by the depth of the events unveiled in it as if you were there, living every moment, every event thanks to the musical accompaniment of SUBSTANCE which will create the right ambiance.

Something that is interesting to note about the SUBSTANCE album is that its creative content and the choice of lyrics marry themselves perfectly to the story depicted in my book MY BATTLE: TWO LIVES and the difficult situations that I lived during a certain period in my life.

People who can relate to my story or who have lived difficult moments in their lives will find comfort while listening to SUBSTANCE and will not feel so alone in their battles while receiving the comforting solutions sung about on the album.

With SUBSTANCE and my book MY BATTLE: TWO LIVES, you are on the verge of understanding and believing that there is always a solution and there will always be a way out of a situation no matter how difficult. One of the goals of SUBSTANCE and of the other products in the BeCured collection is to share some of these solutions.

The more you listent to the songs on the SUBSTANCE album, the less you will feel overwhelmed by the situations in your life.

Without a doubt, those of you who relate, your soul will be filled to the brim by the deep connection which will connect the songs of SUBSTANCE and this real life story MY BATTLE: TWO LIVES.

Listening to the SUBSTANCE album is not limited to the two books in the BeCured collection. It can also be used as a great background music for your relaxation and thought gathering times.

The songs on this album are varied and will allow you to interpret the words according to the particular situation you find yourself in at the time.

SUBSTANCE will add harmony and peace in the atmosphere around you and in your heart during the most stressful moments of your day.

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