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You know, you can have the best resolve in the world, read the best books, have access to the best recipes and ideal customized exercises available, one thing remains: without strong and real personal motivation and awareness, there is no long-term future.

Want proof?

How many of you really follow their new year’s resolution beyond a few weeks? Those who persevere are driven by their resolve and not their feelings. They have established a precise goal, solid source of motivation fed by a strong awareness of their target and the importance of this goal at that particular time in their life.

There is something in you that must be connected, aligned with your will to succeed and with your determination to never quit.

Rise and shine! …for your light shines through. The spark in your eyes must be fed and maintained in order to drive you beyond your limitations and enable you to fulfil your wildest dreams. In spite of everything that could deter you from your original and your destiny.

Also, the second part of my e-book REVELATION, free to download from my website, will give you a preview of my motivational side… this is the part of me that has gotten me to where I am today.

The 5th product of the BeCured collection, MOTIVATION, the musical CD, is a gift you can listen to while driving, cleaning your house and of course, while working out to my exercise DVD BASIC versus GLADIATOR!

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