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BASIC vs GLADIATOR, my exercise DVD takes a different approach to training. Extremely efficient and distinctive style inspired by my personal journey and influences that helped me to keep an open mind to accomplish everything I will share with you in this offering. You will benefit from, what I believe to be, the most optimal exercises to target each part of your body. This way, you can select the exercises you want based on your personal goals or for the body parts you are targeting.

There will be something for everyone, including customized exercises for pregnant women, those who recently delivered or for women focusing on abs, buttocks and thighs as it is the case with most of my female private workout clients. Other exercises will be offered for men wanting to maximize emphasize muscle mass and minimize fat. There will also be exercises for people with knee problems, issues with upper and/or lower back, weakness in their wrists or ankles or any other areas. Also, specially conceived meals for those people will be included in The Antidote recipe book in order to help counter the effects of inflammation since it is possible to fight it through proper nutrition. In the exercise DVD Basic vs Gladiator, you will find exercises to help prevent tendinitis for people working in offices or practicing particular sports, strengthening techniques for limbs and pain reduction for those individuals already hurt due to repetitive movements.

Do you suffer from a specific or rare condition? You would like me to find a solution for you? Don’t hesitate to share it with me and I will adapt my DVD exercises to target your specific needs. Contact me via my BeCured.ca website and I will gladly look into your situation. I will take time and use the necessary resources to offer you the best exercises for your physical condition.

There are also exercises designed for couples who want to train together and increase the fitness aspect of their intimacy.

Finally, I will demonstrate the basics of skipping rope to enable people who have always wanted to try this to add this very effective exercise to their training routine. Once you receive my DVD, even the clumsiest people will be able to skip properly following the simple demonstrations. Don’t worry, you won’t ever up on your back tied up in knots next time you try skipping rope.

I have worked a long time with women in fitness and self-defense classes and with men on martial arts and weight training programs. My journey, my passion, my desire to always offer the best of myself and the best possible service enables me to offer a large range of efficient and custom suggestions. It is in moments such as these that I realize that nothing happens without a reason. Sometimes, our personal journeys take important twists and turns that are often difficult to understand, but at the end of the day, we find out that everything in our lives has a precise purpose.


Based on my experience as a personal trainer with vibration plate, I have realized that in today’s society, it is more and more difficult to put aside time for working out. I have witnessed a significant increase in the number of people joining my 25-minute sessions, which is the equivalent of 90-minute training sessions in a gym. The main attraction to this type of training is to get as much done in as little time without losing efficiency.

This is why I have designed a super intensive training method in the GLADIATOR section of my DVD, giving you the feeling of intensity of vibration plate exercises, the non-stop effort level, the absence of breaks and no time wasting. Without a doubt, my exercise DVD will be a precious tool to you.

For those who already have a power plate and want to maximize its use, I will also include a section in my DVD full of custom exercises for you, since it is still important for you to know how to use this machine in order to prevent injuries in the short and especially long term. If you do not have a personal vibration plate trainer or do not go to a place offering this type of supervised training and you have learned this on your own, I can be your guide via this DVD showing you how to use and maximize this type of apparatus.

Those seeking new challenges will fall in love with the Gladiator program since it requires no equipment other than your body. You will need drive and heart because these sessions will leave you feeling like you just trained for 90 minutes rather than only 25. Also included will be more concentrated versions lasting 12, 6 and 3 minutes long so that you can select the one that fits your time constraints for training. The result is guaranteed and will leave you with time for your other important pursuits.

This DVD is not a ploy to get you to buy a new piece of exercise equipment. Instead, I hope it will help you to realize that the best and most efficient exercise equipment is your body which is always accessible and available at all times. Once we know how to maximize our abilities, nothing can stop us or pull us back.

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