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Will be available in book form and in e-book format

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Surprising yet captivating due to its particular nature, this book, in the form of testimony, will be filled with shocking elements, including the two most powerful reasons driving me since December 25, 2005 to never abandon, whatever comes my way.

Furthermore, this testimony will be a living demonstration that when we really want something, regardless of the difficulties and obstacles coming our way, we will see extraordinary things happen to us. Thus, if we align our thoughts with an unshakable faith, we will go beyond our greatest expectations and make a real difference for us and for the people around us.


The book MY BATTLE: TWO LIVES relates my story as a father ready to fight injustice in the name of his children. I found myself alone, without a dime, but above all, without my sons.

Despite all the circumstances that I had to go through (extreme parental alienation: setup, betrayal, unrecognized fatherhood, false accusations, jail and much more), I chose to forgive the individuals that were involved, as well as myself, and to act with faith, perseverance and out of love. I believe that one should use each landmark event of one’s life as a precious tool to grow and become a better person.

In my book, I intend to increase awareness in order to prevent, as much as possible, others from suffering the same injustice that I have gone through, despite our judicial system. Only asking to see my sons again, to hold them in my arms and to gain back lost time, I keep hope that my cause will be heard and that it can finally be resolved.

Furthermore, my book will bring global awareness on behalf of children, with a greater goal to turn this ‘true story’ into a movie. Again, it will touch more people, and might save the heart of children whom find themselves in a similar situation, who will be able to have the presence of their two parents.

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