Will be available as a recipe book and in e-book format


This recipe book is unique because it will allow you simple and efficient ways to regain your health while attaining your ideal weight quicker than you can imagine. Within it you will find recipes based on my personal observations on the best foods to fight diseases without leaving you hungry. You can enjoy tasting these delicious dishes while optimizing a sense of vitality.

No unhealthy ingredients will be used in these simple to prepare recipes and will be fun to discover and great to share. I believe the simplest recipes are best and the ones with the least ingredients are the most flavorful.

One of my objectives in writing this book is to help you choose the main ingredient for each meal, adding only 10% of aromatic food in order to respect the main taste.

With my Wellness Recipe Book, you will become your own remedy, your solution, your miracle: the antidote against every source of avoidable diseases, the assurance of easily attaining and maintaining an optimal level of physical and mental health.

You can be sure of one thing: once you taste the recipes found in this book, you will never go back to eating just anything. You will realize it is truly possible to enjoy eating well. It simply depends on the way meals are prepared. In fact, you will no longer feel able to allow just anything to enter your body after having tested the recipes in my book “The Antidote”: anti-junk food, anti-disease. You will quickly lose any interest or desire to nourish your body with unhealthy food or fake culinary pleasures. The time has come for you, it waits for you.

The Antidote, my wellness recipe book will open a door for you to experience long-term freedom, driven by health and vitality.


A section of my Wellness Recipe Book “The Antidote” will be interactive. You will be able to send me (via a private message on my website) what you believe to be the ideal recipe from your country to share with the entire world to taste. In the section “Travel the world one bite at a time”, an average of three recipes by country will be displayed, based on the most frequent suggestions received. You will find out which recipes were selected once you receive my book.

For each recipe selected, I will offer an adapted version of it following the standards featured in “The Antidote”. You will then be able to choose to follow the original recipe or its adapted version.

With my wellness book “The Antidote” and its one-stop-shop approach, you will be able to maximize your health while keeping your local culinary customs, as well as discover customized, healthy meals from other cultures. I will of course, do my best to preserve the original taste and appearance of each recipe despite the healthier adaptation of each dish, if they are not already healthy.

‘’Food for everyone!’’

The main objective of this book is to help you steer clear of different diseases that are fostered by ingredients found in prepared food. The book will contain choices for everyone: gluten-free for some, without iodized table salt for others and of course, all recipes will be without refined sugars.

Thanks to The Antidote, you will have greater knowledge about how to plan your meals and prepare healthy, balanced meals according to your day-to-day reality. Whether you work on the road, have several children to look after, some of which may have food allergies, if you are often eating at your work station or at irregular hours, this book is for you.

You will find vegetarian recipes, including some filled with iron in order to help compensate with iron deficiencies often associated with women from the age of puberty to menopause, kids and teens in full bloom, as well as seniors or athletes wanting to reduce their intake or completely steer clear red meat. You will also find recipes identified as “anti-herpes” for those concerned, excellent suggestions for diabetics and other best picks for athletes of all skill levels.  There will be recipes to prevent and fight against several diseases and deficiencies. With this book, diseases of all kinds will be fought against by you.

Another section of my book will be dedicated to some interesting finds: preventing cellulite, fighting impotency, stimulating hair growth, increasing fertility and more.

My book will become your best medicine, without side effects other than good health.

As a matter of fact, if you are facing a health issue or fear, other than those already described so far and you would like for me to concoct a special, custom recipe, simply write to me on my BeCured.ca website and I will do my best to help you.

If there’s one thing I have found out through my years of personal research is that the majority of physical issues we develop with time can be prevented through our choice of food. Nothing exists for nothing, every kind of food has a specific use – we just need to figure out how to use it to our benefit, according to our needs. Why not do so through a healthy meal that we will enjoy as a natural source of preventive medicine.

My goal here is to make my wellness recipe book as current as possible with the most complete perspective on culinary varieties, reaching as many people as possible. There’s no reason you will not find something for you.

You thought in order to eat healthy that you had to ban pasta from your menu. It is possible and even good to eat a delicious bowl of pasta when it is made with the right ingredients.

Everything will be presented in sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, refreshments, “travel the world one bite at a time” even a section on “healthy deserts” prepared only with natural sources of sugar. You will find these healthy desert recipes in the “Sweet transition” section of my highly anticipated book. Once again, let me remind you that everything in moderation tastes better. Nothing bad, only good things if you monitor your choices.

‘’Message for corporations!’’

For businesses which produce healthy food or those wanting to adapt some of their products based on the established facts that I touch on in my “Official presentation” video, please contact me to extend the benefits to your customers. I want to consider everything and take time to study every proposal.

It may be possible to see your products or ingredients used in my wellness recipe book “The Antidote”, and maybe even included in the appropriate section of my website “BeCured.ca” as a suggested healthy product to discover.

Here are a few examples of businesses I have in mind: juice extractor retailers, juicers, protein shakes with no artificial sweetener, PFOA-free pans, sulfite-free foods if possible and any knives and tools to cut food. The possibilities could extend to other areas outside of foods such as healthy shampoos, sports apparel or even running shoes as far as these are connected to health.

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